Construction Manager

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Construction Management


Construction Manager Abacus combines construction management experience with accounting, architectural, and engineering expertise to improve predictability, minimize risk, and enhance performance throughout all phases of construction project conceptual development, design, procurement, construction, and close-out.

During the early stage of conceptual development, Abacus provides key managerial and technical insights into project feasibility and viability.

During design, Abacus emphases the development of a strong project team, a cost-effective and constructible design, and workable contract provisions, administrative procedures, and project controls.

During construction, Abacus is an attentive and proactive construction project manager, whose primary objective is on-time and on-budget project completion with no surprises along the way. 

Our Construction Management services include:

Development of Contract Provisions
Establishment of Budget, Cost and Schedule
Architect, Engineer, and Contractor Prequalification
Constructibility Review
Development of Administrative Procedures and Project Controls
Bid Package Review | Bid Evaluation | Price Negotiation
Project Monitoring | On-site Representation | CPM Scheduling
Evaluation and Negotiation of Change Orders
Turnaround Management
Contract Compliance Audits
Contract Close-out

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