Construction Claims

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Construction Claims Consulting Construction Claims Consultant and Expert Witness Abacus investigates and evaluates all types of construction claims.

Even a carefully planned and well managed construction project can encounter claims and disputes.  How the claims and disputes are handled can make a significant difference in the success of the project.

Abacus utilizes a proven and cost-effective approach and methodology to quickly get to the root of any claim or dispute.

Our professionals are familiar with the vast range of disputes which can arise during the design, procurement, and construction of a project, including:

Changes in Scope (Extra Work) 
Impact | Disruption | Suspension
Acceleration of Work 
Lack of Performance 
Design Error | Design Omission 
Defective Work | Incomplete Work 
False Claims (for Time or Money)
Time Delays (Extra Time)
Differing Site Conditions
Denial of Site Access
Termination for Convenience
Termination for Default
Non-conforming Work
Property Damage 
Product Defects

Initially, Abacus focuses upon mitigation of the disputes, so distraction and delay are minimized.

Then, Abacus concentrates on evaluation of each dispute, including preliminary investigation and analysis that result in an action plan, which is tailored to your business objectives and legal strategies.

A major focus of the action plan is to facilitate early dispute resolution.  Abacus typically conducts detailed analyses, breaking the disputes down - issue by issue, fact by fact, and event by event in order to assess the liability, causation and damage components of each dispute.  A fair, balanced and objective assessment of each dispute frequently is the impetus for an early and cost-effective resolution. 

If desired, Abacus will become an integral part of your professional team, working directly with you and your legal counsel. Furthermore, Abacus will appear as your expert construction claims consultant in settlement negotiations or mediation, and be your expert witness in arbitration or litigation, if requested.

Our Construction Construction Claims Consulting Services include:

Construction Claim Preparation | Analysis | and Response
Issue Analysis
CPM Schedule Delay Analysis
Causal Analysis and Damage Calculations
Settlement | Mediation | Arbitration | Litigation Support
Computerized Document Control
Preparation of Demonstrative Evidence
Expert Witness Testimony

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