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Construction Management


Construction Manager Abacus combines construction management experience with accounting, architectural, and engineering expertise to improve predictability, minimize risk, and enhance performance throughout all phases of construction project conceptual development, design, procurement, and construction, and close-out.

During the early stage of conceptual development, Abacus provides key managerial and technical insights into project feasibility and viability.

During design, Abacus emphases the development of a strong project team, a cost-effective and constructable design, and workable contract provisions, administrative procedures, and project controls.

During construction, Abacus is an attentive and proactive construction project manager, whose primary objective is on-time and on-budget project completion with no surprises along the way. 

Our Construction Management services include:

Development of Contract Provisions
Establishment of Budget, Cost and Schedule Controls
Architect, Engineer, and Contractor Prequalification
Constructibility Review
Development of Administrative Procedures and Project Controls
Bid Package Review | Bid Evaluation | Price Negotiation
Project Monitoring | On-site Representation | CPM Scheduling
Evaluation and Negotiation of Change Orders
Turnaround Management
Contract Compliance Audits
Contract Close-out

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Construction Claims Consulting Construction Claims Consultant Abacus investigates and evaluates all types of construction claims.

Even a carefully planned and well managed project can encounter claims and disputes. How the claims and disputes are handled can make a significant difference in the success of the project.

Abacus utilizes a proven and cost-effective approach and methodology to quickly get to the root of any claim or dispute.

Our professionals are familiar with the vast range of disputes which can arise during the design, procurement, and construction of a project, including:

Changes in Scope (Extra Work) 
Impact | Disruption | Suspension 
Acceleration of Work 
Lack of Performance 
Design Error | Design Omission 
Defective Work | Incomplete Work 
False Claims (for Time or Money)
Time Delays (Extra Time)
Differing Site Conditions
Denial of Site Access
Termination for Convenience
Termination for Default
Non-conforming Work
Property Damage 
Product Defects

Initially, Abacus focuses upon mitigation of the disputes, so distraction and delay are minimized.

Then, Abacus concentrates on evaluation of each dispute, including preliminary investigation and analysis that result in an action plan, which is tailored to your business objectives and legal strategies.

A major focus of the action plan is to facilitate early dispute resolution.  Abacus typically conducts detailed analyses, breaking the disputes down - issue by issue, fact by fact, and event by event in order to assess the liability, causation and damage components of each dispute.  A fair, balanced and objective assessment of each dispute frequently is the impetus for an early and cost-effective resolution. 

If desired, Abacus will become an integral part of your professional team, working directly with you and your legal counsel. Furthermore, Abacus will appear as your expert construction claims consultant in settlement negotiations or mediation, and be your expert witness in arbitration or litigation, if requested.

Our Construction Claims Consulting Services include:

Construction Claim Preparation | Analysis | and Response
Issue Analysis
CPM Schedule Delay Analysis
Causal Analysis and Damage Calculations
Settlement | Mediation | Arbitration | or Litigation Support
Computerized Document Control
Preparation of Demonstrative Evidence
Expert Witness Testimony

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Investigative and Forensic Engineering


Abacus Forensic Engineering services include: evaluation of construction, operation (including life cycle costs), and maintenance; facility surveys; remedial design, and reconstruction management; evaluation of architect, engineer, construction manager, and contractor performance (against the applicable construction industry standards); contractual, technical, and causal analyses involving legal theories of strict liability, issues of professional liability, and breach of contract; property loss analyses; business interruption calculations; and expert witness testimony. 

Abacus investigates and evaluates the performance of the designer, construction manager, and contractor regarding compliance with the standards of practice in the construction industry relative to the design, construction, and management of the project, including operation, maintenance, and life cycle issues.

Abacus analyzes the cause and origin of product defects and construction failures.

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Construction Accounting and Auditing Abacus is a full-service provider of specialized financial, accounting and auditing services to the construction industry.

In the planning stages, our ability to accurately analyze the financial aspects of a construction project - especially when combined with our technical expertise - is unsurpassed.

In the procurement and construction stage, Abacus is an attentive observer and investigator, reporting on progress and keeping track of expenditures, providing comprehensive oversight and audit services.

In the analysis and resolution of construction claims and disputes, we excel as your forensic construction accountant in detailed fact-finding and in reconstructing financial activity.

Abacus Construction Accounting and Auditing services include:

Feasibility Evaluations | Viability Assessments
Oversight of Capital Expenditures
Construction Loan Assessment
Construction Project Loan Monitoring
Evaluation of Problem Construction Loans
Construction Contract Cost Compliance Audits
Bankruptcy Evaluations
Fraud Investigations
Expert Witness Testimony

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Seminars and Training Programs Abacus provides in-house training programs which are designed to increase the awareness and level of sophistication of construction management supervisory, office, and field personnel with respect to managing construction projects, avoiding disputes, and resolving claims.

A typical program covers five areas, which - from our substantial experience - tend to be the most crucial to project success, including dispute avoidance and claim resolution: (1) the contract documents; (2) the procedures used to administer the contract; (3) the inspection of the work for compliance with the contract requirements; (4) the monitoring of progress against the project schedule; and (5) the pricing of changes and delays, and their incorporation into the project schedule.

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