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Organized for Comprehensive Support Abacus tailors services to meet client needs.

Abacus professionals are organized by expertise into specialized Service Groups.

Each professional is qualified by experience, licensure, and education in either accounting, architecture, engineering, construction contract administration, or construction project management.

The team - as a whole - is devoted to our Core Mission, which is to provide our clients with: Cost Effective Services for Complex Situations

Strong Organizational Structure Abacus provides tight control of budget and quality. Abacus is responsive to budget and timing needs. Whether the need is accelerated performance, or other time constraints, Abacus will deliver in conformance with your requirements.
Integrated Teamwork Abacus assembles professionals from its specialized Service Groups, who are committed - as a team - to provide comprehensive support that is specific to your needs.
The Specialized Service Groups


Program and construction management, as well as assistance in the completion of troubled projects.

Dispute Resolution

Investigation and evaluation of all types of disputes and claims which may arise during the design and construction of a project, including claim preparation and analysis; issue, causal, cost, and schedule analyses; expert consultancy in settlement negotiation or mediation; and expert witness testimony at arbitration or trial.

Research | Investigation | Observation

Investigation, evaluation, and analysis of existing construction, operation (including life cycle costs), and maintenance, as well as any related errors, omissions, defects, and failures. Remedial design and reconstruction management.

Financial | Accounting | Audit

Feasibility evaluations and viability assessments of proposed construction programs or projects. Oversight of capital expenditures. Detailed fact-finding and reconstruction of financial activity related to disputes and claims.

Seminars and Training

Seminars and training programs for owners, lenders, insurers, architects, engineers, contractors, and lawyers that are designed to increase awareness and ability to manage construction programs or projects.


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