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is a consulting firm which advises public and private entities in the construction industry. Abacus provides professional services for complex capital projects including the resolution of claims and disputes.
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Office Locations
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Our Mission Our mission is to provide our clients with: Cost Effective Services for Complex Situations SM
Our staff includes registered architects, certified public accountants, licensed engineers, project managers, contract administrators, schedulers, estimators, finance specialists, and computer programmers. Our professionals are disciplined in the accounting, architectural, engineering, estimating, administrative, and managerial principles that are applicable to the success of complex projects, such as: contract formation, architectural and engineering design, monitoring of quality, cost and schedule, dispute resolution, auditing, operation and maintenance, regulatory compliance, and information systems technology.
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Our professional staff provides services to a diverse clientele, including national and multi-national corporations, Federal, state, county, and municipal agencies, general and trade contractors, architectural and engineering firms, utilities, law firms, insurers, sureties, and financial institutions.

Our staff is experienced on a wide-range of projects, including: commercial (office buildings, hotels, shopping malls), industrial (manufacturing, material handling, mining, warehousing), institutional (hospitals, laboratories, universities, colleges, schools, justice facilities, prisons), environmental (water, wastewater, landfills, hazardous waste), transportation (airports, highways, bridges, railways, subways), power (nuclear, fossil fuel, cogeneration), process (chemical, petrochemical, refining), housing projects (homes, condominiums, apartments), as well as government supply contracts.

Our Services Abacus provides a comprehensive array of professional services.


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