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Representative Project Services

Riverside County Economic Development Agency
Riverside, California
Demolition & Abatement of the Riverside County Hospital
Riverside, California
Civil Works | Institutional Building | Environmental
Construction Contract and Cost Compliance Audit for the County with respect to the contracted scope of work, billings, and change orders for demolition and abatement of all infrastructure on the old hospital site (including soil and groundwater remediation) to make way for a new mixed-use retail development.
Kajima Engineering and Construction
Pasadena, California
County of Orange
Grade Separation for
Jamboree Road
Santa Ana, California
Evaluation of the contract provisions related to construction engineering (e.g., surcharge pre-loading), CPM scheduling, liquidated damages/early completion bonus, extra work, claims and disputes. Preparation of an early completion baseline CPM schedule, which met the construction engineering requirements of the contract and maximized the contractor's early completion bonus.
Kajima Engineering and Construction
Pasadena, California
State of California
Department of Transportation
Interstate Route 5
Highway Widening & Improvements
Orange & Anaheim, California
Construction scheduling support, including preparation of a complex CPM schedule (to support 24/7/365 construction engineering and operations and public vehicular and pedestrian traffic and access) with interim completion milestones, multiple calendars, contractually required sequencing and durations, and critical interfaces with other construction contracts for a vital segment of California Interstate Highway 5 serving the Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland. Unimpeded vehicular and pedestrian traffic and access to this critical business district were to be maintained at all times.
Land Rover North America
Lanham, Maryland
Land Rover Centre Development Program
Nationwide USA
Commercial Buildings
Program and Construction Management for the nationwide design and construction of specialty automotive dealerships.
Houston Power & Light
Houston, Texas
South Texas Nuclear
Generating Station
Matagorda County, Texas
Evaluation of defects in the steam turbine generator shafts and blades and preparation of an expert report with respect to the assessment of liability for warranty repairs and the diminution of revenue resulting from the associated outages.
Washington DC Water and Sewer Authority
Washington DC
Blue Plains Waste Water Treatment Plant
Washington DC
Analyses and recommendations with respect to a claim for wrongful termination for default submitted by a general contractor, which demonstrated that the problems which affected the work giving rise to the owner's right to terminate for default were of the contractor's own making.
County of Orange
General Services Administration
Santa Ana, California
Lamoreaux Justice Center Institutional Building
Analyses and recommendations with respect to disputed change orders, delays and productivity losses asserted by the general and trade contractors to be the liability of the owner.
New World Hotel Corporation
Taiwan, China
Ramada Renaissance Hotel
Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California
Commercial and Residential Buildings
Evaluation and resolution on behalf of the owner/developer regarding non-conforming civil engineering and land survey work performed by the general contractor, and its impacts upon the cost and schedule.
California State University
Long Beach, California
Initial Facility (Craven Hall)
San Diego, California
Institutional and Residential Building
Evaluation and analysis of a Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) submitted by the general contractor and a report of recommendations with respect to allegations of defective design, delays, disruptions, and productivity losses asserted to tbe the liability of the owner.
Charles Pankow Builder
Pasadena, California
West Covina Fashion Plaza
West Covina, California
Commercial Buildings
Evaluation, assessment, and recommendations for the Builder with respect to breaches of the development agreement and construction contract by the owner.
University of California
Los Angeles, California
University Residence Halls Institutional and Residential Buildings
Analyses and recommendations with respect to disputed change order requests made the general and trade contractors on seismic retrofit projects.
Contractor Surety
Fire Station, Headquarters and Emergency Operations Center
Institutional Buildings
Construction management services with respect to project take-over and completion by the surety. Evaluation of general contractor performance with respect to quality, cost, and schedule. Claim preparation on behalf of the surety against the owner.
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Pomona, California
Hospital Addition and Remodel
Pomona, California
Institutional Building
Technical and administrative assistance to the Medical Board of Directors and Attorney with respect to project organization, contractor selection, construction contract form, construction administrative procedures, and schedule and budget management and control for a 400-bed addition and remodel.
County of Orange
Santa Ana, California
John Wayne Airport Improvements
Santa Ana, California
Civil Works | Infrastructure | Transportation
Design Engineering and Services during Construction for airport apron, taxiway and perimeter roadways.
California Department of Corrections
Sacramento, California
Chuckwalla Valley State Prison
Blythe, California
Civil Works | Infrastructure | Industrial Buildings | Environmental
Design Engineering and Services during Construction for civil works, roadway, storm water, drinking water, and waste water treatment and conveyance for a 1700 acre prison site.
BDP/Carrier Corporation
City of Industry, California
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
City of Industry, California
Design Engineering, Services during Construction, and Field and Plant Operations for excavations, groundwater extraction and treatment system to remove perchloroethylene contamination.
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, California
Energy Recovery and Co-generation Plant
Carson, California
Power | Environmental
Prepare the Facility Plan and Grant Funding application made by the Districts to the US Environmental Protection Agency.
City of Los Angeles
Department of Engineering
Los Angeles, California
Expansion and Upgrade of the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant
El Segundo, California
Prepare the Facility Plan and Grant Funding Application made by the City as a result of a Consent Decree entered into by the City, the California Department of Justice, and the US Environmental Protection Agency with respect to the Us Clean Water Act requirement for the City to cease sewage sludge discharge into Santa Monica Bay.
City of Los Angeles
Department of Engineering
Los Angeles, California
Hyperion Energy Recovery and Combined Cycle Co-generation Facility
El Segundo, California
Industrial Buildings | Power | Environmental
Fast track scheduling, cash flow management, change order negotiation, dispute analysis and resolution, and records management for 23 fixed price procurement and construction contracts for a waste to energy (Carver Greenfield and Fluidized-bed reactor) and co-generation facility, including associated power switchgear and distribution equipment.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Coal Gasification and Refinery Plant
Secunda, South Africa
Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical
Field planning, cost estimating, fast track scheduling, and inspection with respect to the engineering, procurement, and construction for 6 major petrochemical processing facilities. Developed and implemented the integration of cost and schedule systems, which measured incremental and cumulative labor productivity, change impact, and earned value.
Government of Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
King Khalid Military City
Hafar-al-Batin, Saudi Arabia
Civil Works | Infrastructure | Industrial and Institutional Buildings | Transportation | Defense
Design, implementation, and maintenance of project control systems that met the requirements of the US Department of Defense Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria. The contract scope of work included procurement, construction, and management services for the airbase, roadway, perimeter air defense command system, and support facilities
Government of Suriname
Paramaribo, Suriname
South America
West Suriname Railway
West Suriname, South America
Civil Works | Transportation | Mining | Marine
Construction scheduling, cost estimating, multi-currency cash flow projections, change order management and field engineering services for railway, port facilities, and mine head. Field engineering services included railway and roadway right-of-way and line and grade; construction engineering for the ballast and concrete plants, temporary and permanent bridge structures; balance of cut and fill, investigation and location of suitable borrow and spoil sites; and general project engineering support to ongoing field operations.
Virginia Department of TransportationVirginia Beach, Virginia Hampton Roads Bridge/Tunnel
Hampton Roads, Virginia
Civil Works | Transportation | Marine
Field productivity measurement and analysis, and observations and recommendations regarding construction means and methods for for excavation, cast-in-place concrete roadway, approach structure and tunnel.
Consolidated Natural Gas Company | Columbia Gas System
Cove Point, Maryland
Cove Point LNG Terminal Civil Works | Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical | Marine
Field productivity measurement and analysis, and observations and recommendations regarding construction means and methods for the civil works and foundations for storage tanks and secondary containment, piping systems, process controls, and power distribution.
General Dynamics
Electric Boat Division
Groton, Connecticut
Trident Submarine Facility Marine | Defense
Preparation of a construction claim for differing site conditions, disruption, delay and extra work for shipyard and dry dock construction.
Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA)
Washington, DC
Metro Subway
Cut & Cover | Tunnel
Civil Works | Infrastructure | Transportation
Design of support of excavation and concrete formwork, filed survey for horizontal and vertical control, take-off of quantities for placement and payment, preparation of monthly progress payment applications, and the estimation of change orders.

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