A must read to achieve business objectives and legal strategies in preparing or rebutting construction claims.




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This white paper includes:


Basics of Construction Claims,


Actionable Means and Methods for Preparation or Rebuttal,


How to Plan and Control Preparations or Rebuttals,


When and How to do These Things,


How to include the Cost of all Claim Efforts as Damages,




How to Access the Risks of Making or Rebutting a Claim.


This is a “How-To” guide, which you can do “In-house,” thus significantly reducing the cost of outside legal and consultant expertise.


Plus, it includes construction expert support regarding the application of the information therein (***See Below***).




This white paper is for all construction industry entities whether a claimant (i.e., you are making the claim) or a respondent (i.e. a claim is made against you).  It is a proven framework for preparation of, or response to, a construction claim.  This framework is from decades of experience by seasoned engineering and construction professionals in the office, field, negotiation (e.g., mediation), and adjudication (e.g., Federal and state court, board, arbitration).


It begins with the basics of construction claims.  Then, provides actionable means and methods for construction claim preparation or rebuttal, how to plan and control the efforts of preparation or rebuttal, when and how to do these things, and include the cost of all construction claims efforts as damages.  It ends with how to assess the risk of making, pursuing or rebutting construction claims.


The format is Question & Answer.  This format is used because these questions are most frequently asked by both claimants and respondents, and the right Answers are necessary to succeed at construction claims.


The focus of each Answer is upon what needs to be known, what needs to be done, and how to do it.  All of the Answers, as a whole, provide an integrated framework of knowledge that is applicable to all construction claims.


What is more, before engaging construction legal counsel, construction claims consultant, or construction expert ask them these questions; and compare and contrast their answers to the answers set forth in this white paper.  You will then know who to hire should the need arise.


White Paper Contents




The Questions and the Answers

What is a construction claim?

What are the most important things to know about construction claims?

How to determine a construction claim must be prepared or rebutted?

How to determine who is liable for the construction claim, and who is entitled to recover damages from them, and how to seek recovery?

What is needed to prove liability and entitlement?

What is needed to prove causation?

What is needed to prove damage?

What evidence is needed to prove causation and damage?

What are the major causes of additional Labor, Material, and Equipment?

How to prove productivity loss, delay, disruption, and acceleration?

How to prove and recover consequential damages?

How to justify the cost to prepare or rebut a construction claim and assess the risk of litigation?


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You don't get what you deserve.  You get what you are entitled and prove!


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