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Who we are - Abacus is a Construction Manager, Construction Claims Consultant, Forensic Construction Engineer, Forensic Construction Accountant, and Construction Expert Witness with a wealth of construction industry knowledge and experience.

What we do - Abacus applies our broad capabilities to all phases of the design and construction management process assisting owners, general and trade contractors, architectural and engineering firms, utilities, law firms, insurers, sureties, and financial institutions from the earliest stages of conceptual construction project development through project close-out, including construction dispute resolution via negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Our accountants, architects, engineers and construction managers provide economic, financial, forensic accounting and forensic engineering audit and analysis; design and construction contract administration, construction claims analysis & preparation, construction defects investigation, forensic fact-finding and issue development, causal analysis, and damage calculation, facilitating settlement negotiations, and expert witness testimony.

Abacus Key Experience and In-depth Expertise is in construction project quality, cost, and schedule controls, including inspection, change orders, critical path method design & construction scheduling, and construction schedule delay analysis; and the problems, which affect the work, when the construction project suffers cost overruns, defects, delays, disruptions, acceleration, loss of efficiency, loss of productivity, disputes arise and claims must be made that clearly link another party's liability to your damages.

How we do it - Abacus professionals are organized into Specialized Service Groups. Each professional is qualified by experience, licensure, and education in either accounting, architecture, engineering, construction contract administration, or construction project management.

Nationwide Regional Offices and Branch Offices

4 Regional Offices
Philadelphia | Atlanta | Houston | Newport Beach

10 Branch Offices
Boston | New York | Washington DC | Orlando
Chicago | Kansas City
Los Angeles | San Diego | San Francisco | Seattle

The benefit to our clients - The breadth and depth of our collective accounting, architectural, engineering and construction experience and expertise provides Abacus clients with cost-effective, independent, objective and balanced advice that is consistent with their business objectives and legal strategies, so plans can be implemented with confidence.

White Papers & Publications

How to Succeed at Construction Industry Claims | Download as: PDF - a must read to achieve business objectives and legal strategies in construction claims

How to Succeed at Construction Industry Negotiation | Mediation | Download as: PDF - a must read to achieve business objectives and legal strategies in construction industry disputes

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